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The Kuala Lumpur Pages is a revolutionary approach to online directory marketing, one that at a stroke leaves the competition far behind.Until now, existing online directories have been all-too narrow in their sector focus. Hotels. Travel. Restaurants. Nightlife. Car Hire – they cover those industries, but only those. In doing so, they deny customers the benefit of cross-market traffic. BangkokPages.com delivers that benefit – and more.We take an all-new approach. With comprehensive listings in fifty different categories, our directory is designed to be, for Bangkok visitors and long-term residents alike –the only Bangkok directory site they ever need to visitAnd here’s why: for the first time ever, theBangkokPages.com delivers to clients the one vital element in web-based marketing never before offered by online directories:
A direct clickable "link" to your own Website

Why advertise with TheKualaLumpurPages.com?

  • BangkokPages comes from of an international group of e-commerce experts and marketing specialists; we know how to maximise the return on your web presence
  • Everyone uses the Internet nowadays. Our Search Engine Optmisation ensures that potential customers searching online find you first
  • In a recent 24-hour period, the following numbers of searches by ‘Bangkok’ keyword occurred on Google alone:  travel: 197,000;  hotels: 201,000; restaurants: 12,100; fitness: 2,400; hospitals: 2,900; shopping: 4,400 
  • When customers find your listing on our site, your own corporate website is only one click away
  • Category-driven searches within our site bring clients straight to you; on theBangkokPages.com, anyone looking for, say, an Italian restaurant in the Thonglor area, comes directly to listings that exactly fit those search criteria 
  • Inexpensive banner placement comes with two bonus features: a banner ad entitles your company to a free listing (value: 1200 Baht), and, unlike our competitors, banner ads are NOT rotated. The space you pay for is the space your ad occupies all day, every day
  • With more than 5,000 listings in fifty distinct categories of business, theKualaLumpurPages.com is a single-source online directory, bringing your business to the attention even of casual browsers who came in search of something else!